My work is a celebration of fem queer experiences. 

An invitation to motifs from drag and club kid culture, pop culture icons and personal iconographies— all that represent my adolescence. 

A simultaneous drive to be anonymous and visible that relates to the queer idea of performativity, whereby we become our most authentic selves by taking on roles and characters. 

A deployment of the pop symbols is actually a deployment of the self. 

Using video, photography, sculpture, and performance, I manifest fem queer overtones through candy-coded colors, fabrics, and textures: shades of pink, vinyl, chiffon, tulle, and satin. My self-portraits act as a political memoir, seducing the viewer into visceral confrontations with the queer body. By paying homage to my queer influences, I reclaim a fem identity that I was deprived of in a traditional male constructed childhood. 

Filmed by Sahar Fadaian & Jenna Rochelle


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