My work is a manifesto celebrating the nuances of counter culture often assumed as grotesque or shameful. It is an invitation to my personal explorations as a queer man and an anthem to queer visibility. Pink, like the iconic felt velour custom made hat worn by Lady Gaga or the head of my boyfriend’s cock. Queer like latex, vinyl and rubber. Using video, photography, painting and performance, I collapse color and texture to evoke violent and sexually explicit overtones. My portraits act as a political memoir, seducing the viewer into visceral confrontations with the queer body. A la vie Bohème to being a nelly, lisping, limp-wristed, fag. A toast of Pinot-Grigio to enemas, masturbation, leather and dildos. To compassion, fashion, passion, and “the taboo”. To jock straps, sodomy, and contemporary pop culture. To bisexuals, dykes, fags, trisexuals, transgenders, homo sapiens. 

Filmed by Sahar Fadaian & Jenna Rochelle


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